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Hello guys. I’m happy to meet you on my Youtube channel. You see, I haven’t managed with the vlogs, as I wanted to be. That’s why I decided to create a new format and shoot videotutorials for you..

Today I’m going to show you guys, how to create an incredible, bright and beautiful make-up for St. Valentine’s day..

So let’s go! First, I should wipe up my face. I’m gonna use the wipes from “Biore” I’m eager to know if you have ever used them? I just love them so much..

Next, I am going to use the lip oil from “Tom Ford” (№0.1 Red Nectar) I just adore it, because it’s really incredible.

It moisturizes my lips so good, the lips become very soft and sexual :).

You know, to be honest I’m worrying very much, as it is my first video in such a new format..

I ,really, feel scared. I worry about my voice, that it can sound badly and it has dropped. And I am afraid that I have never appeared so terribly. Anyway. I guess there is always the first time for starting something. And that’ll be ok..

So lets go ahead, and start, guys. The next step. I’m just wondering about which foundation to use for the 14th of February. And I’m sure that it should be so, that it will not be imprinted on boyfriend’s, groom’s or husband’s T-Shirt..

So ladies, if you’re already married, your husband will fall in love with you once again. And if you’re not, you’ll surely meet your soul mate with this make-up..

Next i’m going to use the nourishing cream to moisturize my skin. It comes from MAC (Strobbing cream). It really moisturizes perfectly and adds glossy appearance to the skin..

The next step. I am going to conceal the bruises under my eyes. So I use the concealer from Este Lauder(number 3). And i’m gonna apply it under my eyes. And you already look fresher..

By the way, if you do have some veins on your face, or track marks after beauty procedures ,you can surely use this concealer, it will help to cover them..

It’s really very light, moisturizing, it is also retro- reflective. I’m sure you’ll be so delighted with it..

So we go ahead. And now, I’m going to apply the foundation from (YSL- Touch Eclate BD 25). This is my fave one!.

With the use of moist but not wet beauty- blender, I’m starting to apply the foundation on all over my face..

Don’t forget to make sure that you have blended well the under chin area. It’s very important..

I want to make my skin fresher. So I’m going to use the MAC pro-long concealer. And I start to apply it onto the areas, which I want to brighten..

And be sure that you’ll look much fresher, so as everyone will think you are relaxed and rested..

Next . I’m going to use the sculpter and highlighter from Milani. To be honest, I will try them for the first time now. I hope, I’ll stay alive :).

Dear friends, right now you can watch a life hack how to conceal the double chin. You should just darken this area.

You know, I really don’t guess if like it or no. I like that the shade is cold, but I think it’s too gray. And I expected it to be warmer..

Anyway. I’ll do the powder correction on my face later. And I’m sure everything will be ok. I really will recommend this sculpter for those, who actually don’t love the effect of super- sculpted face. And it would be also perfect for those who have light skin colour..

All of us are going to go on a date today. And our make-up should be super long-lasting and shouldn’t be imprinted on the boyfriend’s shirt..

Thats why we should definitly apply the fixing powder. It’ll be form NYX (HD Finishing Powder). It is my fave one..

By the way. Recently I was talking about my brushes. They are not just only brushes for me , they’re kinda continuation of my fingers. This is my own brand “Goar Avetisyan”..

And actually it took two years straight to create them. And I’m just in love with them!.

So I go ahead, and the next step will be apllying the NYX (3- step) powder, as I love to have full coverage under my eyes..

I grab the light powder from the pallete. It’s just fantastic one. I’ll apply the powder in the “Backing technique”. It means to apply really much powder all over the areas we want to brighten..

You see, this technique will not suit to every person. It’ll not suit for those, who generally don’t love much powder on the skin..

Or Those who have very wrinkled face. And those who have really dry skin. So I’ll recommend it for all those who love the make-up to last all day long and always have flawless appearence on the selfies, as well as I Do..

My face doesn’t need to be photoshoped at all. Oh I’m joking, sometimes it needs..

Anyway. It’ll be enough to approach the window and you’ll have a perfect selfie. In the case if it is the daytime..

Oh guys. I’m sure it’ll be such a contrast today between the before and after look. It’ll be just an amazing transformation. I promise. I guess i’ll be even a bit ashamed of watching this video..

Next step. I’ll use the highlighter from Inglot (№12). I’m going to apply it on all the convex areas..

I’m afraid that my face is tottaly one convex area, big and round. But let’s not bring up the sad things. :)).

It’s very stylish, rosy colour shade. I think it’s perfect for St. Valentine’s day..

Next I am back to the NYX pallete. I’m going to apply the darkest shade all over the areas , that i want to darken..

So that my face will look narrower and smaller. And Yes, i’m just in love with this pallete..

Guys have you really noticed that fist I applied the highlighter, and then the sculpter. It’s just another one life hack to help your sculpter be blended more easily..

And now , guess the favourite step in make- up? Yes , it’s the brows! At the age of twelve i had them tweezed badly, and since that, I have to make my brows tatooed or wear make -up..

So, I’m going to use the eyebrow pencil from Benefit (№5). I just adore it. But the most important thing is not to overdo with it, as it is really pigmented..

You know it’s just astonishing, how brows totally may change the whole look..

Oh, I have one more lifehack for you girls. If your eyes are too runny. You can just take a deep breath and open your eyes widely like this..

Ooh , Why Do I touch my brows whith the concealer every time i try to highlight them.

Now I’m going to use the highlighter from Inglot (№51). I’m going to highlight the area under my brow. Even if it’s said that it’s not trendy any more. Please, just do it, go ahead if you love so..

So girls I’m going to use the fiery pallete from “Urban Decay”, so as to melt our gentlement’s hearts. I’m sure it’ll not leave anyone behind”..

In my opinion the warm shades suit to everyone, but especially they suit to the blue-eyed ones like me. It’s just great for them, the eyes look much more brighter..

So now, I’m using the natural puffy brush, to blend the eyeshadow on my eyelid..

We go ahead, and the next step that I’m going to do is to use creamy shadow from MAC (painterly), I’m going to apply it just onto my eyelid. It’ll appear like 3D effect on the eyes..

You know, guys. In the past I couldn’t even imagine, that someday I’ll have so much products from my favourite brand..

That i’ll be able to share the information about them with you. Because in the past, I couldn’t even afford it to bye just one lipstick from this brand..

And I was doing my best, I was working very hardly and I always beleived in my dreams..

So next we go ahead with my most favourite part. And, of course, it is the eyeliner. I’m going to use my favourite eyeliner from Art Deco, the marker eyeliner. I love it so much. It’s so good!.

I have already done the wings. And I’m soo delighted, because I think that Vaik (my husband) will pass out, as soon as he sees me. I just hope so :)).

So next I’m going to add some mascara. It’ll be Vivienne Sabo Cabaret. I absolutly adore it. Then I’m going to use my favourite false lashes..

Ta-dam. I’m going to use the lashes from my lovely and gorgeous Huda Beauty . The lashes are in the number (№11 Sasha).

Then I’m gonna apply the glue and let it dry a bit. As soon as I make sure that the glue is dry, I set the lashes on the eye..

And the last - there comes the lipstick! I decided to apply the red one. Just for...? I don’t really know. Maybe just to drow attention, and to be bright, beautiful and stylish. The lipstick is from Feral ... a very complicated shade to announce, now it will appear on the screen..

So I have already done my lips. And if you want to correct the contour, you can use a flat brush and the concealer from MAC Pro-long. And the lips will appear more defined..

My dears I really hope that you liked my video. I wish to live happily ever after to those, who have already met her soul mate. And if needed stand each other..

And I wish to meet a soul mate for those who is still single. Guys, please subscribe, live your comments below , give a like to my video. Be sure I’m reading every message. Love you ! Bye -bye.

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