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Низкий пучок в ЛИНЕЙНОЙ технике. Урок №8

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Низкий пучок в ЛИНЕЙНОЙ технике.

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Низкий пучок в ЛИНЕЙНОЙ технике.

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Hello everyone, my lovely stylists! And yes I’m driving a car and probably you are terrified the way I’m driving and speaking at the same time..

Till you are thinking about let me tell you about our lesson – a low bun in line technique..

This technique is absolutely new. It’s based on the crest, the continuation of it. The one goes over to the other..

I think it’s going to be popular in 2018-2019 years..

The technique is not simple. The technique is complicated and it is more suitable for the professionals....

But the beginners can also learn it. Let’s begin! So we are going to do this low bun in the line technique..

The first thing we have to do is the sectioning. Section from ear to ear across the point of the least volume, somewhere in the middle..

Put the scrunchy and after it I put a big hair bun on and later I put a little hair bun too..

Pay your attention I’ll do this hairstyle without additional clip-in hair. I grab a little strand as a petal and start to stretch the ribs..

Make a note, this ribs should be fluffy enough to cover the hair bun and make a shape..

I repeat, we don’t have additional clip-in hair and number of our hair is finitely..

We should do maximum with the hair we have. Sort out according a design and pull in the ribs. It’s very important to make it clear, the rib’s start and the end – it’s the same hairspring..

Pull the one hairspring. Fix it with the Silhouette Schwarzkopf pump – spray And put the pins around the perimeter of this rib..

Tell you the important thing – then you will pull maybe the pump spray will stick to your hands..

So that is does not happen you can grease your hands with the Undercoat, Undercoat contains silicone, it’s prevent sticking..

Then our hair is not electrified and you can easy attach it to the head and it’s not sticky..

I love it so much and I try to use it always. Somebody says that you can’t buy it or it was withdrawn from production. A lot of talking but it’s not true..

You can buy it at the professional stores of websites and it costs around the 17 dollars. I’ve not found something coolly, some analogue..

It’s not advertising, I think Schwarzkopf still doesn’t know how much I love this product..

So the latest strands, we’ve got this bun. It’s simple, elementary. Lay out the strands around the circle and that is all..

Starting to work on the latest zone. It is the hat and the temporal zones..

Comb it well, to make our hair be like a hairspring near the hairspring. And in no case to electrify you can inflict a small amount of the oil..

I use Keune So Pure or Macadamia or Maroccanoil..

It can be olive oil if you don’t’ have enough budget to buy it..

Just to remove static, to make our have be smooth. So what I do: I put the strand and start to twist it a bit between each other..

The main I twisted and leave it and then I start to twist the end of hair to make moving into the strand..

And I pull the rib. In the very beginning then I pulled it the ribs look like a sketch, you practically don’t see them..

Of course, I have some crimping on the roots. I start to sort our the ribs and insert the pines..

And fix it with pines..

Very important not to overdo with the pump spray, too firm like the hairdo of Valentina Matvienko I mean..

Then it woody, you hairdo should be tender, like she held her hand and this strand stayed. Fell the fine line and you get the result..

Fell the fine line and you get the result. I do the same with the temporal zone, pull it. You shoudn’t have a lot of ribs, just 2 or 3. I’m waiting for your works and I always proud of you than you send me you successes..

In the instagram @komarova_websalon, in direct, vk I try to answer to everyone and I have about hundreds internet students and I help them..

So do not be shy, send your goals and I’ll answer my opinion about it..

So look it’s very important moment when I sort out the strands I work with the comb’s tip.

To make the hair not sticky..

So the comb’s tip helps me a lot. We’ve got this bun..

It’s important to sprinkle with the pump spray and in the very ending you can put away the pines..

Do not put it away in the beginning because many of you sprinkle with the spray and put away the pines..

It’s absolutely not correct, because it’fall apart faster..

You need time at least 15 minutes after sprinkling. I think this hairdo is good for the Graduation probably for a bride..

Because It is like air..

Pull the strands and make some moving on the strand’s length..

So our hairdo is ready. In this case this is an image for a Graduation.

Because our model doesn’t wear the bridal dress today. But it fits another event as you wish..

My dear stylist, please note I love you so much and you have me as minimum..

Do you like this technique: it is cool right? There are a lot of nuances and now I did a video and.

I’ve got 2 ways as minimum to make the work easier and do some elements better..

Watch my next videos, I can’t put them all into the one video. I wish you a good day, never stop be the reached. Believe in yourself, dreams come true! Buy buy, your’s Anna Komarova!

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