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Жесткий контуринг. Жирная коррекция. Make Up Cream.

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Жесткий контуринг. Жирная коррекция.Как сделать правильно Контуринг или Жирную коррекцию Расскажет и покажет вам Анна Комарова..Контуринг- это отличная коррекция лица с кремовыми текстурами. Жесткая Жирная коррекция. Это не макияж на хэллоуин.

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Hello everybody, my dear followers! Here I am, Anna Komarova! Now I’m in the Dominican Republic, it’s very far but anyway I want to show, to tell you to teach you how to do a creamy contouring correction. That is a rather essential problem because practically every day I get messages with the request to show how the oily correction can be done, Creamy correction. Actually it’s not correct to say oily correction you have to say exactly creamy contouring correction But I think you understand. I myself do not think that it’s necessary to do wedding makeup with the creamy correction. I think it’s more suited for photoshoots, for some short, Short period of time. Because for sure cream correction is being done using a lot of cosmetics And it’s rather hard all the day wear a lot of cosmetic products. Ok, so let's start! So today we’ll do this makeup. So our model. Generally the skin is good without problems. But we’ll do active, pretty correction to emphasize cheekbones, Reduce the nose and chin. but than again I have to say We do this not because it needs to be done but because photos and videos are getting fat. So this makeup for photos and video, when you need that to the photo and video the person stayed the same As he is in the real life Very often when people see me in the life they said: «Anna, it turns out that you are so small and thin» But we thought you are a plump. Actually I’m not a plump, just the video plumps you up. Now I’m applying the makeup base. this primer is Becca the one of my favorite primer, the new priming filter. From above I’m applying the foundation. Now I’ll tel you the number, light, the colour cast is light, Aqua Luminous the foundation is called Aqua Luminous. So recently I can say I have completely passed to Becca in terms of foundation. I like it so much, I jumped around from Makeup forever. Makeup forever I used to like Makeup forever Becca. But now I like Becca more. The Second layer on the T-zone I’m adding a light touch of Becca foundation, it’s Ultimate Coverage Complexion the tint is Sand and working with the brush. You asked me many times before what this brush is it. It’s a Cailyn brush. Futher I’m starting to apply Armani concealer. Three stripes on the forehead, under the eyebrows and eyes, on the center of the nose And a bit on the chin. After all this I’m distributing using Cailyn brush but if you don’t have it For instance you can take a beauty blender. Notice, I’m doing these triangles Again the way I’m doing now is a stencil for you to show the sceme of working on the face contouring. to show the sceme of working on the face contouring. Of course, don't need to make such traingles, don't need to draw, otherwise people don’t understand. Because of now I’m drawing such a stencil later we’ll smudge it. The next shadow, also the one of my favorite, I othen talk about It's Graftobian. This is a favorite product of all Hollywood makeup artists. The shadow is Neutral. Working on, how to work on the cheekbones: we draw a Line from the ears clearly to the corner of the lips. If we ask our model to pull cheeks in The line appears. Further I working with blush on the chin. That is also very important. Don’t laugh, It certainly looks ridiculous But it must be done. Why? Because if you don’t working on the chin, you Regardless of whether there is a second chin or not it'll be on the video. The nose also needs to be reduced and forehead. That is, completely along the perimeter we reduce the entire face, including the chin. Here is practically our scheme. Never forget that you need to do softly, though here I have triangles, I did a little. That is, there is a very light application. And now I'm starting to distribute. I distribute in the beginning with a Cailyn brush just a little bit smudge and by now I’m adding the blush. he blush is Anastasia Beverly Hills, contouring is the third pallete there are three. This one is the middle one, the third. I’m adding some blush on the cheeks and on the forehead. You can add sometimes, quite a bit under the eyes, if suddenly you have the bruise. So we are starting to do active, good shading. In the beginning I’m working with the brush such dipping movement. Take note, the most important is the countur has to be done using only cool shades. in this sense the palette of Anastasia Beverly Hills absolutely doesn’t suit. There are almost all shades, they are warm And it will be necessary to use an extra cool shade. But i like it so much. In my arsenal are three palettes it’s Anastasia, Cover fix and Graftobian. Smudging with the brush. Just the other day I had a master class In Omsk, and once again I was asked the question: "Anna, well, tell us, we do not understand, why are you publishing in the YouTube These free videos because the whole country will learn and You will have many competitors and how will we work?" The answer is quite simple, girls, you should working better. At the moment There are zero of good stylists. I mean they are very few in the size of our country. And so if, in general, quality happens, there will be a competition, and competitors they always cheer, so all this will improve the level of services that we will provide our customers. Because each of you: who studies, who watches my videos, He's developing, of course. And we all develop together. It's very cool, it helps us to reach a new level, it helps us to earn more, I don’t know, to move on from another sphere to this one. In order to do what you love, The one that brings you pleasure. Well, all right. It’s a cream mousse, the of Manly. More recently pretty new cream mousse were released. I like it, and more than Anastasia Beverly Hills, for example. Although they are all praised, I do not know, for example, I totally don’t like dipbrow pomade of Anastasia. I like Manly, this lightest shade is blonde. I take a brush, this is also a novelty of Manly, The brush on one side is flat for the eyebrows, on the other side - the brush. on the other side - the brush. The stunning brush, I really like it. I’m working under the eyebrow using quite a little bit of concealer for a clearer, more even, that's it, such a line under the eyebrow. My next love is Armani number 11, I’m applying completely on the whole movable eyelid and I’m smudging good. Often, very often people ask me: "Anna, please tell us the number of color pop ». I considerable disappointed in colour pop I tell you honestly. Why? Because it’s difficult to apply, it Often, very often rolls down with lumps, it quickly becomes balls in the jar, in general there are very many minuses, the only plus - is that it’s not expensive. My advice to you, buy at least one good tint of Armani than ten colours of colour pop. We can, of course, buy the color pop, but after you try to work with Armani, it's unlikely that you will return to colour pop. It’s totally different. So, we are working on the lower eyelid, with the same 11 tint of Armani. Taking a pencil, it’s Makeup Atelier, and we are working on the space between eyelashes, slightly raising an eyebrow, quite a bit. We are sitting it up, staining it well really very well staining inside in this way. When we color the mucosa it is very important to pull aside Why? Because our skin is definitely like a stretch, cloth, yes, that stretches. If we do not stretch it, we will skip the lines. we will skip the lines. We take here such here, it can be a card, whatever, and begin to paint over. We put as continuation of the lower eyelid, or slightly lower. of the lower eyelid, or slightly lower. Now I'm working in the palette of Becca Ombre Rouge, I’m colouring a certain triangle, I’m starting from the center of the eye, the mobile eyelid. and turning to the periphery. Very convenient technique, turns out to be a smuged deep big line eyes are expressive, huge. The technique is not easy, I’m telling you honestly. That is personally why am I doing this? Because, firstly, the shadows do not scattering at this moment down, I have a more thick edge, where I’m putting a brush. I’m immediately drawing good, beautiful lines. But if you make a mistake at least in one millimeter, then you will need to completely redo the makeup. That is, this technique is more suitable for advanced makeup artists who.

Know the lines and they definitely will not be wrong, that is if you are a beginner make-up artist better by eye, looking in the mirror looking at the customer without cards drawing these corners. So, now I have taken my new love it’s Armani Giorgio Armani Eyes to kill.

The shade number 5 it's a bomb! I several times went live in instagram, posted stories, this is my new love..

This is something in between the cream shadows and the pigment. The texture is dry, but it stretches. I advise it very much. And now with a round brush I’m adding a little of the same shade down..

A mascara is Vivien Sabo, of course Cabaret. It is the only cosmetics, actually not a premium class in my case, but I can not deny myself. but I can not deny myself. I’ve adored this mascara for many years. We pass to the eyelashes. I use different lashes Andrea, Manly, a lot of firms..

Actually it’s 14 size for voluminous, very long, beautiful eyelashes. And stick it. In general, eyelashes sticking - it's like an art I like a fascicle eye lash grafting much more or grafted eyelashes. That is, when a bride comes to me and asks: "Anna, should I graft eyelashes or will you do it to me? " Unambiguously I will do it myself. Why not? Because there is no grafting which can make a shape of the eye that I want..

Consequently, if you are not a very experienced make-up artist and you do not know how to make a shape, You can tell your bride to graft it..

It will be easier for you. The less time you spend and so on. But I always add. We turn to the red lipstick. You all know, this is my love, in this video I will reveal the secret and mystery: what is my favorite lipstick, what is my favorite pencil. It's a red pencil Makeup for ever, Makeup for ever, Aqua Lip shade is 8C. And further, in the beginning I’m putting on the center of a labium, from below and on each side. And here it is, Love of the last two years, probably, This is Ofra, the red Ofra. To be honest, I will not tell you the name, because it was obliterated, it staned a lot of test I mean but it is the only one in Offra . so shaky, matte, chic, persistent This hairdo I have already posted on my channel, it has already been there, so if you missed this video, please Watch it and learn. I want to tell you that I want to tell you that I just really love everyone, every time.

You tag me on the instagram, under the photos and write "this work has been done with the help of a lesson Anna Komarova and put @komarova_websalon I always see this, I always look, I always seek to like or even comment, in order to You cheer you up and I do not know, maybe motivate you.

To do better and more beautiful. You are great fellows, in fact you are all advancing, I'm following you, for our whole big country and not only. And I am pleased with what stylists our stylists have recently begun to do..

And even more I am happy when I get messages, in which people tell about the fact, how the life of a thousand people has changed because this person realized that he wants to be a wedding stylist. Because of course, this is the best profession for a woman. At least, in my opinion. Maybe there is some other opinion. But I adore my profession, I adore working with brides, doing hairstyles, doing makeup. I always thank God that this is what I'm doing..

As I often say: I do not work, I enjoy, I thank my clients because they allowed me to do their hair, make them make-up..

In a word, thank you all! My model loves you too, sends you kisses. So we’e got the appearance of the Greek diva, see you! Well, as to you such variant of a make up? Do you like? Do you like? I’m waiting in comments your questions, wishes, maybe, that something is not clear. Cream correction, then I think everything is clear. Well, as you make-up with paper, With any business card you can make this stunning, beautiful lines in front of your eyes. And you do not have to suffer to deduce these corners. Everything elementary is simple. Well and most importantly, my dear, loved subscribers I want you all to wish that you’ll be able to dream Dream, fantasize, make yourself the brightest, most beautiful, sunny future. And it's bound to happen to you. I love you all very much, thank you for what you are there, your’s Anna Komarova.

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