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Arabic high tail/Восточный хвост. Свадебная прическа

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Все видео пользователя: Anna Komarova.

Для вас - Восточный хвост из прямых волос в стиле Анны Комаровой. Одна из самых ультрамодных причесок. Восточный хвост.

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Hello, my dear stylists and my dear subscribers, subscribers of my YouTube channel, the channel of Anna Komarova..

This channel is made for the people, who love doing hair, bridal hair and makeup, and for those who would want to learn how to make amazingly beautiful hairdos..

Arabic high tail in the style of Anna Komarova. This updo is made without any curling or hair intertwining, it is a complete updo that is made of two big forms..

It's made very easily, if you keep the form of this updo in your mind..

This is why I hope that every one of you will make the same Arabic high tail easily..

And one important moment is where the idea of making such kind of the hair updo came from..

When I'm having a tour “eight Commandments of a stylist” I'm always asked the same question. Anna, is it possible to make the Arabic hightail without any additional clip-in hair. And the answer is yes, it is possible. In this lesson I am making the Arabic hightail without any additional hair, out of natural hair only. You will need a goffering iron and your hands. So let's begin..

We are going to do this hairdo today. So here's our model, she has natural uncolored hair..

Pretty long and medium thick. So what are we going to do. Firstly, of course, we need to brush the hair very well. After that we do the sectioning. We section off the hat zone, going through frontal depressions ant the point of least volume, and we also section off the temporal zones..

Then we start to goffer the hair. For the nape hair you will need a bigger goffering iron. It can be any brand. A bigger goffering iron means it must be bigger in width and depth of the spikes. It will be a bit faster to goffer the hair on the back of the head with a bigger iron..

The most important thing to do when goffering is to press the hair will..

Because sometimes goffering is not done well or not done enough..

I brush through each layer of hair very well..

We go on to temporal zones. Here we're going to do medium goffering, not too small and not too large..

Usually a medium goffering iron is 2-2,5 millimeters deep in its spikes..

I am goffering the hair almost all the way down..

Leaving 10 cm of hair straight. I am doing the same thing in the hat zone, in the forelock zone and the parietal zone..

So I'm goffering all the hair this way. You can use thermal protection while goffering, but most of the time I don't use it..

I brush through all the hair once again, it's very important, because one thing is to goffer the hair and another one is to brush it to create the necessary volume..

As usual I'm doing makeup after that and I have a lesson on this makeup also. And very soon I will download it, and you will see how you can do this pretty easy but impressive makeup..

Here I am using Makeup Forever foundation, Becca ombre palette, lash extensions, Armani eye shadows, skin tone corrector and Armani lipstick..

Now the makeup is almost done. . When doing make up on the lips I've used the ombré technique..

I will also tell you about how to make any lips visualy bigger..

It is very trendy now as you know. How to make lips appear plumper than they actually are..

So the makeup is done. Soon I will download this makeup lesson. Back to the hairdo. So, again I section off the temporal zones and the hat zone. And I pull up all the hair from the back of the head..

And simply fix it with a hair tie. After that I insert the tail in the bun and fix it on both sides. I start backcombing the hair. Backcombing must be airy and light. So that you have air in the hair and, by no means, tangled hair..

You're just adding some air and that's it. At this point I'm curling the ends a little bit..

You can also curl the teased hair to create even more volume..

I move on to the hat zone. I section off 2-3 cm of hair and divide it in two. And then I take a hair strand approximately 2-3 mm to hide the goffering,.

Although I don't need to fully hide the goffering, only a part of it,.

So that I have two hair textures - goffered and straight..

I'm sorry three textures, I forgot the curled hair. As you may know I love experimenting and having different textures in the same hair-do,.

So this way the hairdo looks more opulent and smart. It's like in clothing they use mixed fabric, like silk, fur and jeans,.

And this way it always looks cool designwise. And here's the same thing. We combine different textures which probably do not come together, and thus we get something beautiful and we extraordinary..

I am fixing it around with bobby pins. It's called the "knitting" technique. After that I brush through the upper layer of the hair from the inside.

And do the teasing and then spread the hair on top of the bun..

Here you need to make the bun invisible. You can use pins here and there to save the volume on the bun..

But it's up to you, you don't necessarily need to do it. So I brush the hair around thoroughly and spread it out..

An important thing here is that the teasing must not be visible. It has to be inside, but from the outside it has to be invisible,.

It has to be brushed out hair. I insert pins around from the inside. It's a secret fix so that no one knows that it's there..

I put them inside and put together several layers that I had previously teased up and that's it..

We go on to temporal zones. I section off a hair strand 2 cm wide pull it through with a flat iron.

Tease it in two layers, it's very important. As you can see, I'm using a classic comb for hair-cutting..

After that I put two fingers underneath, and turn it around and pin it next to the bun..

And the ends of the hair may be curled a bit and spread out. I'm moving on to the other side. Here I am doing the same thing. I section off 2 cm of hair pull it through the flat iron, then I tease it,.

Tease it up deeply and tightly, Because this is the place that provides necessary volume above the ear. It's very important, Because if your client has a bit protruding ears, You need to do even more volume here to hide it..

My model has regular ears, but nevertheless we always need volume in this zone,.

So that it looks more feminine and smart, Compared to when we leave this zone without volume. At least now it's more important. So I'm moving on to the hat zone and the bangs..

I take OSIS “Dust it” volume powder by Schwarzkopf Professional, And apply a little bit in the forelock zone. A little..

Now you can see what amount of powder I'm sprinkling. You don't need more, because, if you apply too much, you can ruin the whole picture..

And then I tease the hair with the powder on it. First, you can work it in with your fingers a little bit and then tease the hair. Now you can see how the powder works and the hair is literally standing up..

I am doing the same thing on the temporal zones. Make sure you pull the hair through the flat iron to give the hair some movement, Then work in the powder, then tease the hair and lift it up..

It's important to make a beautiful lining up..

If you know my techniques well, you know that I have never put hair up at the angle of 45° before..

It's a new trend. The trend for 2017 and perhaps even 2018. But the most important secret, as I have said before, the hair above the ear is not put away at the angle 45°.

It's put away at the angle of 90°. And the zone that frames the face can be put away at the angle of 45° up..

And now I'm starting to form thin beautiful strands of hair very delicately..

I'm using this type of a comb for that. But you can also do it with your fingers. I'm spreading the temple hair out in the form of small ribs..

I do the same thing on the other side. I need to put hair in the form of a wave, So that the hair doesn't just go up, but first it goes up, Then turns around and goes away to the highest point,.

To the point that is 2 cm higher than the point of least volume in this case. Done..

And the last and most important piece of hair is the bangs..

I always say, that you can do the most beautiful hairdo from behind,.

But, if you don't do it perfect on the front, this hairdo from behind is worthless..

You must do it beautiful, gorgeous and smart on the front. Why, because your bride will look at herself in the mirror. And it is when she looks at herself in the mirror, she can see that she's beautiful and irresistible..

Here I'm doing one secret thing. I'm not saying it to anyone besides you. To make these mini ribs I pull One strand of hair through the flat iron and then leave another 3 cm untouched, Then again flat iron a strand of hair and do not flat iron a strand next to it. And this way I am getting these mini ribs And it all happens because I'm combining two textures together..

One strand is flat and one strand is goffered. It looks very delicate and beautiful. I've tried this before and different hairdos and I like it a lot..

After that I work with the hair spray In this case it's an aerosol spray. Liquid spray, unfortunately, is not suitable for this, although I like using liquid sprays more..

And here I am working strand by strand through the whole tail..

I remind you that it's done without any additional hair. I think we are having some hyper volume here, And even I wouldn't believe it, If I was told that this hair style is created without additional hair. I would argue about it and would put my hands inside to check it But no, it's the goffering technique, backcombing, teasing That allows us to make this much volume without using additional hair..

In this case it's the length only that is necessary. If you have the length, you already have this hairdo. So here's all model. I'm loving it! I look at her and I am just feasting my eyes on her. This is something new. Why, because all the hair styles, that I have downloaded before, were created using curling techniques..

And this hairdo, as you can see, is created out of straight hair. It's something new and extraordinary. At the same time it's something perfect and classic..

Curls would always look much more playful and girly..

This is a more elegant hairstyle And it has to conform with the character of your client..

She has to be a very confident and status girl, Who knows that she is worthy and who understands that she's gorgeous..

She must literally carry this hairstyle. . And my model is perfect for this hairdo,.

My stunning model Christina, I thank you very much for letting me create this beauty..

And now actually she's going to visit a great party, And I think she will attract everybody's eyes, because she came out really gorgeous..

I'm sending you hugs and kisses. My model is also sending you kisses and love. Thank you..

So what do you think about this hairdo? Arabic voluminous high tail created with natural hair. It sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it? Because most of the time to get this much volume you need lots of hair extensions..

And here we used only natural hair. You need a goffering iron and teasing well..

Girls, I want to answer one question that I am always asked..

Why do I teach you all this? Girls, now the way wedding stylists work is not professional enough. So I want to higher the level of your professionalism across the country. And this is why I download all the videos on the Internet absolutely free So that you can learn and practice to make your clients even more beautiful..

So that you and I and our clients together would become happier more beautiful and wealthy, of course..

That's it I'm sending you hugs and kisses, take flat and goffer irons in your hands, call your girlfriends over and start practicing..

I am your teacher and I tell you start practicing..

That is it for now, see you later.

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